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EDU 2991 — Practicum       2 Credit hours  14 Contact hours

Enables students to demonstrate their proficiency by integrating technical knowledge with core skills and abilities. This capstone builds upon the experiences from previous course work. Students will demonstrate growth in cognitive, affective, and psychomotor learning. Students will develop and implement an integrated curriculum that supports children's interest, needs, and intellectual integrity with curriculum outcomes. The student becomes responsible for classroom activities, teaching, and demonstrating positive guidance strategies, effective communications and collaborations. This practicum will take place in an approved educational setting of early childhood centers or classrooms, including the campus and YMCA child care centers within the last two semesters of the program. This course is a minimum of fourteen (14) hours per week (for a total of 210 hours during the semester) working under the supervision of a specifically trained teacher/mentor and college supervisor. A lab fee is assessed for this course. The course will include an e-portfolio self- growth/awareness writing assignment, and an exit evaluation of critical thinking and writing.
Prerequisites: MTH 1100, EDU 1114.
Corequisites: EDU 2992.