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EDU 2130 — Families, Communities and Schools

Credit Hours: 3.00   Total Contact Hours: 3.00   Lecture Hours: 3.00  

Addresses the significant steps for improving children's education in schools by direct collaboration with families and communities. Curriculum surrounds children and much of their learning comes from the world outside the classroom. Students recognize that all citizens are educators and ideas are presented for developing effective partnerships between schools, families, and communities at large. Instruction introduces education majors to an environment that values diversity and portrays it positively. The course will focus on the belief that educators can deliver an equitable education for all students. Educators have the responsibility to help students contribute to and benefit from our democratic society. The curriculum will introduce the concept that effective instructional strategies should be drawn primarily from the cultures of students in the classroom and the community, not the teacher. This is a portfolio designated course which requires a writing sample submission to the electronic portfolio database. Satisfying this requires is a part of earning a grade for this course. Submitting the paper as instructed will ensure a grade commensurate with the work in the course.
Transfer: TAG.