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EDU 2030 — Individuals with Exceptionalities

Credit Hours: 3.00

Total Contact Hours: 45.00

Lecture Hours: 2.00

Lab Hours: 2.50

Provides students with an overview of special education programs with an opportunity to plan and implement activities in educational settings. Topics include: early intervention, practical strategies to integrate children with special needs, legislation and public policy (with a historical perspective of ADA, IDEA, 504 plans etc. and an awareness of the legal rights of children with exceptional learning needs and their families), recognizing risk factors that may impede typical development with an emphasis on the awareness of and respect for the ability differences in students and their families and the effects of those factors on development and learning community agencies/resources and adaptations to the environment.
Transfer: TAG
Prerequisites: EDU 1000, EDU 1050.

Associate of Arts Degree

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