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EDU 1050 — Introductory Child Development 3 Credit hours  4 Contact hours

Covers human development that embraces academic theory, scientific discoveries, and practical applications. The course presents developmental processes from conception through adolescence in three distinct categories or domains- biosocial, cognitive, and psychosocial. Content will examine how the interplay of nature and nurture affects development across the life span, including developmental variations of typical and atypical developing children. The course will investigate appropriate expectations of the physical, emotional, social and intellectual growth and development of the child and adolescent. Fifteen (15) field hours required in early childhood, middle childhood, or adolescent/young adult classroom.
Transfer: TAG.

Associate of Arts Degree

...EDU 1000 Introduction to Education (TAG) 3 EDU 1050 Introductory Child Development (TAG) 3 EDU...

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...Experience 1 Term Hours 16-17 Spring EDU 1050 Introductory Child Development 3 BIO 1090...

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