ESports Management and Coaching (ESP)

ESP 1000 — Esports Foundations
2 Credit hours  2 Contact hours

Explores the history of Esports and its evaluation into today's billion-dollar industry. Students will also look at trends in the Esports industry.

ESP 1050 — Health and Wellness Coaching
2 Credit hours  2 Contact hours

Provides esports coaches with the fundamentals of health and wellness, emphasizing special considerations for the physical and mental well-being of esports athletes. Topics include physical assessment, nutrition, injury prevention, and social and behavioral habits. Esports coaches will learn how to conduct training on health and wellness practices, assist in implementation of therapies and treatments, support medical staff, and encourage esports athletes to adhere to protocols.

ESP 1100 — Principles of Managing an Esports Program
3 Credit hours  3 Contact hours

Introduces the student to an extended array of responsibilities in managing an esports program. Topics include marketing, finance, recruiting, building / facilities management, and business concepts required to manage esports organizations and operations.

ESP 1150 — Fundamentals of Coaching
3 Credit hours  3 Contact hours

Provides the student with key skills needed to be a successful coach. Topics include establishing trust as a coach, focused learning skills, planning and goal setting, and managing progress.

ESP 1200 — Effective Communication for Coaches
3 Credit hours  3 Contact hours

Combines emotional intelligence and interpersonal communication to prepare the student to recognize and engage individuals with diverse communication styles. Topics include empathy, self-awareness, how to monitor one's own and other's emotions, and how people use verbal and non-verbal cues to communicate.

ESP 1900 — Esports Coaching Applications
3 Credit hours  6 Contact hours

Collaborate with esports coaches to develop a plan for establishing an esports team.