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PNS 1201 — Fundamentals-Practical Nursing 8 Credit hours  12.5 Contact hours

Introduces the student to the philosophy and the conceptual framework of the Practical Nursing Program. The six major concepts: Nursing Process, Human Development, Human Needs, Common Health Problems, Role of the Practical Nurse, and Caring Behaviors are discussed. Major emphasis is placed upon the development of an understanding of the fundamentals of nursing practice. Students are introduced to the role of the practical nurse and standards of nursing care, utilization of the nursing process for problem solving, observational assessment skills, communication techniques, effects of cultural and spiritual beliefs on health care principles of patient safety and infection control. In addition, the student develops and practices the psychomotor skills necessary for nursing. The nursing skills related to common health problems of medical and surgical patients are discussed. The student contributes to the nursing process in the clinical setting in order to assist the gerontological patient in meeting his/her needs. "C" grade policy applies.
Prerequisites: Acceptance into the program
Corequisites: PNS-1201C, PNS-1201L.