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LEG 2250 — Administrative Law

Credit Hour: 1.00   Total Contact Hour: 1.00   Lecture Hour: 1.00  

Examines legal framework of administrative law; differentiates between federal, state, and local administrative agencies. "C" grade policy applies.
Prerequisites: LEG 1010
Corequisites: BUS 2100.

LAW 2250 — Terrorism, Intelligence and Homeland Security

Credit Hours: 3.00   Total Contact Hours: 3.00   Lecture Hours: 3.00  

Introduces domestic and foreign terrorism and international responses. Drawing on current research, it provides a balanced approach to understanding the issues we face as a nation, including securing the country from threats while still safeguarding civil and personal liberties. Simultaneously historical and contemporary, this course interrelates terrorism, intelligence, and homeland security by focusing on people, ideas, organizations, and movements as well as new issues in the field.
Prerequisites: COM 1110, LAW 1130.