Graduation Requirements

  1. Students may choose a curriculum not more than two academic years prior to their graduation. Students must satisfy all academic requirements within their curriculum. The College reserves the right to change and amend curricula in order to offer relevant technical content. Division deans may grant course substitutions to accommodate students in unusual situations. Students who leave the college and then return may be subject to different requirements.
  2. Transfer credit, proficiency credit and credit for experience must be processed before the term of the student’s graduation.
  3. Students must meet the following requirements:
    • Final cumulative grade point average of 2.0 or higher. (In some cases additional requirements may exist such as division specific “C” grade policies. See individual programs).
    • Satisfaction of all financial obligations and resolution of all account holds.
    • Existence of an electronic portfolio with the prescribed number of submissions.
    • Credit for SDE 1010 First Year Experience  or equivalent course.
    • Credit for the class designated as the capstone course experience in the student’s major.
    • Completion of the assessment given to all students taking their capstone experience course.
    • At least 20 technical credits earned at Rhodes State College or, in the case of those pursuing an AA or AS degree, 20 applicable credits.
    • Completion of a graduation petition and payment of the non-refundable graduation fee by the deadline (see chart).  Filing the Petition to Graduate will initiate a review of the student’s records and identification of any missing requirements. Upon completion of requirements, the student will receive information about commencement.  Students who petitioned but did not meet all graduation requirements must submit a new petition and payment of an additional graduation fee for graduation for the term in which they fulfill all their graduation requirements successfully.


Attendance at commencement is an opportunity for students to celebrate their accomplishment with family, friends and the campus community.  The commencement ceremony is held at the end of spring term. Students graduating at any point in the academic year are encouraged to return to participate.

Graduation Petition Deadlines are as Follows:

Fall Semester 2018 by March 15, 2018
Spring Semester 2019 by July 15, 2018
Summer Semester 2019 by October 15, 2018

If the date falls on Saturday/Sunday, the deadline is the next working day.

Dates are subject to change.


Students may earn one of the many certificates appearing in the catalog if 50% of the courses listed in the certificate are taken from Rhodes State. Course work leading to the certificate may be transferred from other institutions as long as credits do not exceed 50% of the courses in the certificate. Exceptions may be granted at the discretion of the division deans.


An official copy of the student’s transcript is issued only upon written request and authorization of the student. Transcript requests will be processed as soon as possible, but at least five business days should be allowed. Transcript request forms are available from the Records Office, the Business Office, and from the College’s website.  The College charges a $5 processing fee for each official transcript requested.