Paralegal/Legal Assisting Certificate

Margaret Schuck, JD, Coordinator
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Paralegal/Legal Assisting Major

The Paralegal/Legal Assisting Certificate is available to those who currently hold an associate's*, bachelor’s or graduate-level degree. *(May require additional general education credits). The requirements for the certificate may be completed in one year if the student has a flexible work schedule.

Technical Standards

See here for details.

First Year
BUS 2100Business Law 3
LEG 1010Introduction to Paralegals and the Legal System 2
LEG 1100Legal Research and Writing I 2
LEG 1100LLegal Research and Writing I Lab 0
Legal Electives  7-8
 Term Hours14-15
LEG 1020Legal Ethics 1
LEG 1110 Legal Research and Writing II 3
LEG 1110LLegal Research and Writing II Lab 0
LEG 1150Litigation 3
LEG 1300Legal Office Management and Technology 2
LEG 2991Paralegal Legal Assisting Practicum 3
Legal Electives  7-8
 Term Hours19-20
 Total Hours 33-35
LEG 1190Criminal Law2
LEG 1200Family Law2
LEG 2050Real Estate Law2
LEG 2100Probate Administration3
LEG 2200Debtor/Creditor/Bankruptcy2
LEG 2250Administrative Law1
LEG 2000   Civil Procedure2
ACC 2250Principles of Federal Income Tax2

Portfolio course

Capstone course

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