Basic Emergency Medical Services

Jeb Sheidler, MPAS, Coordinator
Phone: (419) 995-8228
Office: 224B Cook Hall

Emergency Management Services Major

Learn the operation of an ambulance, transportation and care of patients, and how to determine the nature and extent of illness or injury. Advanced life-saving skills, including intubation, automatic external defibrillation. Admission requirements: 18 years of age, current driver's license, high school diploma or GED. Students who successfully complete this course meet the requirements to be eligible to challenge the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians EMT-Basic Exam. Certification in the State of Ohio requires successful completion of the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technician's, EMT-Basic Exam.

First Year
First SemesterHours
EMS 1580EMT-Basic 7
 Term Hours7
 Total Hours 7

Qualification Requirements

In addition to the general admission requirements for all students, the following specific requirements have been established for Emergency Medical Services:

  1. A minimum 2.5 grade point average (GPA) for any previous college course work at the time of selection and matriculation.
  2. Must have basic computer skills prior to admission to the program. This can be satisfied through high school experiences, life experiences or completion of CPT-1040 or equivalent.

Advanced and Paramedic Certifications

  1. Students must be 18 years of age or older.
  2. Students must have a valid current Ohio EMT Card.
  3. The Office of Admissions must receive high school transcript by the first day of class.
  4. Results of a physical examination including laboratory tests and completion of required immunizations prior to first day of class. The EMS program also has technical standards which all students must meet. These standards specify skills necessary to participate in learning activities and professional practice.
  5. Successful completion of an American Heart Association, BLS, Health Care Provider, CPR course prior to first day of class and must be kept current through certification course(s) completion.
  6. A satisfactory interview with the Emergency Medical Services program chair or director of clinical education.

Applicants who do not meet academic requirements may plan a program of study under the guidance of the Academic Advisor for Allied Health to prepare for possible admission to the program.

Since enrollment in the EMS program is limited, selection will be done on a competitive basis. PREFERENCE will be given to those students who possess a current National Registry Card.